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Organisation background


Cancer Council Western Australia (CCWA) believes that with the support of the community we can beat cancer. CCWA works to reduce the incidence and impact of cancer through advocacy, research, education and providing people affected by cancer with support to enhance their quality of life. The vision is a cancer-free future. Cancer Council WA is a non-government organisation and relies on community support for funding.


The journey


Previous to Illuminance Solutions engagement, CCWA implemented a CRM system that was ‘out of date’ and did not support their fundraising business processes. The CRM was not properly structured and, therefore, did not provide self-service user-access to reports.  All reports needed to be requested by marketing and built by IT in SQL report.  Compounded with the delayed reporting, third-party data imported into the CRM further reduced the data quality. Once marketing received the reports, they were still not confident about their accuracy.


The donor contributions were declining. The incorrect information vital to CCWA’s very existence significantly impacted their marketing efficiency and drastically reduced CCWA’s bottom line.


While the CRM was a significant issue, there were also procedural difficulties compounding the problem. The non-standard reporting caused low productivity, high levels of frustration and, in the end, high staff turnover. The ineffective processes and inaccurate reporting lead to adversarial relationships between departments.


To resolve the situation, Illuminance Solutions conducted an objective assessment and methodically documented the required business processes. We conducted various workshops to ensure that all stakeholders views and needs were documented and addressed. We rectified the issues with the data import to increase efficiency.  Then we restructured CRM to deliver a superior user experience.


With our experienced technology-focused business team, we were able to translate the business strategy into technology requirements and architecture. We communicated back in plain English which put the CCWA team at ease. Our engagement brought back harmony between the teams and  drove improved return. Our expertise was valued, and we were asked to be part of the  recruitment panel for the CCWA data analyst.


Notable outcomes


Significantly reduced report turnaround time.


Increased visibility and accuracy of information.


Established best practice processes for reporting and guidelines for ad hoc reporting.


Staff morale improved and interdepartmental harmony returned.



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