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KT Maritime

Organisation background


KT Maritime (KTM) has been established to provide marine towage solutions to the Australian Energy and Resources sectors. The 2012 joint venture, between Kotug International B.V. and Teekay Shipping Australia Pty Ltd., was born out of the recognition that the Australian Marine Towage Industry is evolving into a market that demands the highest level of safety, technical innovation, operational expertise and sustainability practices. KTM makes fast from a solid platform, leveraging off their reputation, experience, and expertise of its parent companies.


The journey


Two years after KTM’s establishment, they were still experiencing new business growing pains and required a system that was capable of managing and controlling project documentation. At that time, KTM’s existing SharePoint system was basically a large filling cabinet with a large number of files and folders and limited search functionality. The lack of document and records controls was threatening their industry reputation and ability to compete.


When SharePoint was first implemented, KTM did not structure the platform to manage their records electronically. They simply entered the operational phase enabling them to trade and filed the  documents electronically. With no documented naming conventions and versioning stipulations, there was significant duplication and inaccuracies.  Additionally, KTM’s operational document system needed to be compliant and auditable to gain quality management systems ISO accreditation. At the commencement of the project, Illuminance Solutions conducted workshops to establish KTM’s

business requirements. With a thorough understanding, we implemented best practices for document management and converted the existing file structure to a Microsoft SharePoint file structure. The new structure ensured all historical data flowed into the new document management system.  To address the issues of access from various remote locations, we hosted the document platform in the cloud.


Following the Illuminance Solutions project, KTM now follows enforced naming conventions through clever coding, mapping documents to the relevant departments and disciplines.  The interface has been simplified with added meta-data search functionality to accommodate various parameters such has content, date, department and much more.


Notable outcomes


With defined document controls, enforced naming conventions and versioning processes, duplication has been significantly reduced.


High level of accuracy and efficiency in finding the right information for the right client, for the right

aspect at the right time and fulfilling SLAs and contract requirements.


Easier and more effective data search functionality has greatly reduced training time for new staff.


Remote accessibility to data and required documents through cloud hosting








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