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Organisation background


Minprovise is a specialised mining and oil & gas services provider primarily focused on reducing the risks associated with the supply, installation, maintenance and productivity of mining plant and equipment. Nationally recognised for commitment to customers and provide a complete service from project management, equipment supply and installation to offsite and onsite repairs and maintenance. Minprovise’s office administration and project management team are tasked to resource planning and schedule more than 200 staff members and over 500 pieces of equipment across Australia.


The journey


Minprovise identified a number of inefficiencies concerning collaboration and access to real-time information in remote locations. It was evident that significant increases in productivity could be realised by leveraging current information technology solutions. Illuminance Solutions were appointed as a research partner to identify and evaluate solutions to find the best fit.


The initial step was to establish processes and procedures to develop a technical and business requirements matrix. We devised an evaluation module and began research into potential technology fits. There were several products on the market that were evaluated.  With all the possible solutions, we presented the pros and cons.


Using the Lean approach maximises customer value while minimising waste. We built multiple iterations of proof of concepts (POCs) to ensure the product was mature and adequately met business objectives. Each iteration provided a deeper knowledge of both product and business characteristics that were then applied to improve the next iteration.


Comparing the Lean approach to traditional solution implementation, we provided a more organic approach to developing the final solution.  Throughout the project, we evaluated different product mixes. As we were in the exploratory and testing phase, not every test delivers the required result. Therefore, we continually adjusted our plan based on each test result.


Reviewing a full gamut of technologies that could be the right fit, we encountered  various levels of support and information.  Often “bleeding-edge” technologies were extremely limited with regard to documentation and written information. To overcome these obstacles, we worked closely with the technology vendor and their product support team.


By reviewing several products, we didn’t limit our thinking to one specific solution.  We evaluated each product based on the business processes and required outcomes.  This thoroughness of approach provides our clients with the best-fit solution.


Notable outcomes


During the 6-months R&D process, we released 11 versions of the solution to meet the multiple end-device requirements — office technology, mobile client and tablet.


After the solution was determined, we transferred the knowledge and ownership to Minprovise’s ICT team for implementation and ongoing improvement.


The final solution met the business objective of scalability delivering real-time information no mattert he location.


The solution provided increases in profitability and time capacity as well as increased job satisfaction and working knowledge.





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